Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Urban Rec Leagues, tournaments, or events? You can likely find the answers in these frequently asked questions. If you do not find your question here, please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

Then you my friend, have come to the right place. Urban Rec is specifically for people who are new to sport, or haven't played in a long time. We welcome people who are playing a sport for the first time. Our staff go through the rules with all players on week one, and continue coaching throughout the season!

Better yet, what sports DON’T we offer? Well  – OK, here’s what we got, for now… we always like to add more because, fun. 

Dodgeball, Soccer, Aussie Rules, Touch Football, Fast5 Netball, Netball 7s, Street Soccer,  Multi-Sport, Beach Volleyball, Flag Gridiron, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Court/Field Multi-Sport, Hockey 6s, Euro Handball – Did we miss any? 

Becoming a member of Urban Rec is simple and free. (If only everything in life was like that – eh?) All you need to do is create an account by clicking on the create account button on our home page. You will then start to receive a newsletter every few weeks with information about Urban Rec activities. Just click on the links and you are on your way. Hate email? OK – then just hit up the website anytime to see what leagues are coming up. 

Absolutely! We offer individual registration for all of our sports, leagues and locations. All you have to do is wait for the registration period to open. Then abracadabra – new friends and team mates! Individual registration is one of our fave things we do. 

You can even join up with a small group of friends. Just make sure you each select the same team name when registering (each individuals' team has a unique name). To find out more information about individual registration, please click on Individual Player/Team FAQ’s 

Urban Rec's refund policy is a simple one: we only offer refunds if we are able to resell your team/individual spot to another team as there is limited space for all of our leagues/teams, and if you have registered for a spot, this prevents someone else from registering for it.

There is a $50 administrative charge for any team refund and a $25 charge for individuals. If we cannot re-sell your team spot then there are no refunds.

In the event that your spot can be re-sold prior to the league starting, the refund amount will be the full league price minus the admin fee. If the spot is re-sold after the league has started, the refund will be dependent on the pro-rated price that the spot is re-sold for, minus the admin fee.

Urban Rec member cards are used to get access to discounts at our Clubhouses and with our Partners. The discounts are usually pretty darn good. BUT when you arrive at the Clubhouse, make sure you have your card ready, as they will need to see it to hook you up with the discounts. 

You will receive access to the Urban Rec app the first week of play! On the bottom, you can use your “Member ID” for most perks.

Most of the lost objects are handed into the venues so you can collect them easily the following day. If you are not sure, have your Captain write a message on the Captains chat to see if they saw anything as they packed up or shoot us an email on [email protected]. If the item is of significant importance (such as a wallet, keys, or a driver's license), please contact us on the member hotline  (0432 388 044) and we will do what we can. 

We make a decision about the weather at 4pm. Councils usually tell us if grounds are closed about 3pm, so we give ourselves some time to reschedule the game, and let you know. We do visit location sites to help make this decision as well as consult with councils across the city. But yep – we sometimes get it wrong! Soz about that. We try our best with the shitty weather apps and a keen eye planted to the sky. 

If play is cancelled, captains will be notified via the app, and all players will get an email notification when the schedule is updated. We will never rob you of a game due to wet weather. We cop it, and make sure you guys get your games no matter what. 

If you are worried about the weather, first wait until after 4:00pm, then contact your team captain to see if they have any news. If there is no update, you will be playing.

OHHHHHH SNAP. You guys WON. Congrats. Each team gets a designated pack of shirts according to their sport and team size. You will usually receive these on your last week of play, but sometimes we cannot determine the winner until the night is over. In that case, contact your League Manager on [email protected] to organise to collect them! The sports are packaged out as follows. This is a highly coveted shirt and design, but if you would like to substitute for other UR merch, just ask.