🎱ABOUT URBAN REC MULITSPORT: Multisport is the perfect sport for the individual or team who can’t decide. You play a variation of sports throughout the season, competing on the same team. The result is a varying display of skill from all the teams. Our Event Host helps coach each team on the rules, and how to play before the games each week. 

In CBR we play 3 different Multisport leagues COURT, FIELD and a mix of both Depending on the location. Sports sometimes vary due to populatrity or venue but you can expect a mix of the following. 

Court- Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Dodgeball, Kickball, Backyard Cricket, Fijian touch rugby, European Handball, Frisbee. 

Field- Touch Football, Soccer, Kickball, Aussie Rules 7’s, Flag Gridiron. (Played twice)

Court/Field- Touch Football, Soccer, Kickball, Aussie Rules 7’s, Flag Gridiron, Basketball, Netball, Dodgeball, Hockey, European Handball.  

👫TWO DEDICATED URBAN REC STAFF: Every league has a dedicated League Manager, and Event Host. If you are new to the sport, you can expect some coaching tips, and support as you or your team learn the basics. Your League Manager will ensure your season is a second-to-none experience.

🏆AWESOME PRIZES FOR WINNING TEAMS: Our season Champions are awarded with a prize BUT the most recreational team get a prize too. Scoring high in FUN Points, means your team can win big at the bar. Plus we love giving away other UR merch to sportsmanlike legends. 

🍺POST GAME PUB DEALS: We have negotiated deals on food & drink at various venues across Sydney. Checkout our Clubhouses page to view the deals, and your nearest Clubhouse. This is just one of the perks of being a Member. We hand-pick and taste-test, the best venue for you! 

🎶SEASON ENDER PARTIES & TOURNAMENTS: At the end of our season, we host events and tournaments for all of our teams. Some of our fave’s are the Backyard Parties, Golf Adventure Race, Social Serve, Blacklight Dodgeball, Superbowl Sunday Tournament, and Halloween Brew Tour. 

🤙ACCESS TO SOCIAL AND SUBS FB GROUPS: If you need a sub for the week, or even if you are looking for extra games, you can find people, and play sports for FREE by using our Subs Page on Facebook & with access to our UR Draft. If you want to get more social, and join our active events, you get full access too!

Below is a list of the upcoming leagues, and locations. Click through to learn more about each league, and info on how to register as an individual or with your team.