Meet The Team


We have a crew of amazing people that work behind the scenes and down at fields to make your experience second to none. Here’s a few familiar faces. If you haven’t shared a drink with any of these lovely folk, you’re not doing it right 😉

co-founder, adelaide

Donald is our main guy at Urban Rec Canberra and now Urban Rec Adelaide. He comes to UR with years of experience building and running his own companies. He is a customer service KING and also has a wealth of knowlege around sales and marketing. He is originally from New Zealand and a fierce All Blacks fan, taking every opportunity he can to smack talk about the Wallabies. 


Mads is the Aussie founder of Urban Rec and has spent the last 5 years growing the club to where it is today. Her passion is bringing people together, and organising kick ass events. She is also, ironically… terrible at sports. She was never encouraged to play as a kid, and as a result, pretty much sucks at most sports, but loves trying. 

Leish Charters – LEAGUE Manager

Leish loves sports – especially Netball – and is super passionate about making sport accessible for all of our members. Leish is eveyone’s bestie and will always go out of her way to make everyone’s league nights epic. With a background in adminstration, Leish is the queen of keeping HQ organised, but thrives with being at one with the people. 


On top of that, we have a wonderful team of Event Hosts who make Urban Rec league nights an epic experience.

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