• The number of players shall be five (5) players.
  • The team must include a minimum of two (2) male, two (2) female and all remaining players can be any gender including gender diverse people
  • Please consider our Default, Forfeit, and Substitute Policy
  • Substitutes can be used as long as they have created an account and signed the most up to date Urban Rec waiver. During game play, substitutes can be made at any point in the game.



The game is played in two (2) 18 halves with a few minutes break at half time.


 A standard Basketball court is used however some variations may vary depending on the venue.


The game commences at the start and at half time with a ‘jump ball’ in the middle of the court. The Event Host will decide which gender takes the jump ball at each commencement of play.


Each basket will be worth one (1) point & each 3 point basketball will be worth two (2) points. Any foul shot is worth one (1) point.



The ball can be advanced up the court with the hands only, either by dribbling or passing to teammates.  


When the ball is being thrown in from the baseline after a basket has been scored, all defensive players must make their way back to half way before defending. This is also relevant after a defensive rebound or turnover has been made. All decisions and calls on this are at the Event Hosts discretion.


Fouls are penalties assessed for rough play. Fouls are awarded either out of bounds or if in the act of shooting, two (2) free throws are awarded. Players are expected to call themselves when they foul another player, if a player thinks they have been fouled it is then the Event Hosts final call.

Here are a simple list of reasons players would be called for a foul:

  • Blocking – Caused when the defender makes personal contact with an opponent who may or may not have the ball. Blocking is called when the defender impedes the progress of the opponent.

  • Screening – Avoid setting any dangerous screens that may impact a player when they’re not looking. This can cause head clashes and serious injuries.

  • Charging – When an offensive player makes contact with a defender who has already established a set position. A player with the ball must avoid contact with a stationary defender by stopping or changing direction.

  • Contact – Urban Rec is a non-contact sport, any elbowing, pushing, shoving, intense body contact, slapping of hands or holding any players will be deemed a foul & the Event Host has the final say.

  • Blocking Shorter people – Taller players are allowed to block a shorter player’s shot provided the following conditions are met: (1) feet must remain on the ground (i.e. no jumping or leaving the ground); (2) hands and arms must be straight in the air or at 90 degrees; and (3) NO leaning in. If a taller player blocks a shorter player not in adherence to the rules, the basket will count from where the ball was shot from & the player will also receive 1 additional free throw.


The basketball basic rules include numerous ball handling that cause a team to lose possession of the ball. Here are some common violations.

  • Back-court Violation – If (when on offense), you cross half court line, you cannot bring the ball backwards across the half court line into your defensive end.

  • Double Dribble - When a dribbler touches the ball with both hands at the same time or when the dribbler stops dribbling, holds the ball with two hands and then starts dribbling again.

  • Goal-tending – Occurs when a player touches a shot ball while it is in its downward flight above the rim. It also occurs when a defender touches a free throw attempt outside the basket.

  • Lane Violation – A violation called during a free throw situation against a player who enters the lane too soon.

  • Traveling – A violation caused by moving the feet in any direction without properly dribbling the ball. It results in a turnover, and the ball is given to the opposing team. While holding the ball, a player has to establish a pivot foot which has to remain on the floor at all times until he passes, shoots, or dribbles.



All Urban Rec leagues, irrespective of skill level, are fun-first. Our Event Hosts facilitate a fun, safe environment for teams. They will acknowledge, coach and make calls according to your level of experience playing the game. Urban Rec leagues expect a certain level of self-officiation, meaning that players are expected to display good sportsmanship to govern their behaviour. Open communication and camaraderie between teams is encouraged.


Urban Rec Event Hosts have the final say on any issue that cannot be self-resolved.

If you are seen to be rude or not playing within the respect of the rules, your Event Host has the right to ask you to sub and take a break. If your Event Host then has to warn you more times then they have the right to ask you to leave the field or court and an assessment will be made if you can return to play. We don’t tolerate idiots, play fair.


Urban Rec seeks to provide a safe, inclusive and happy environment for our members, staff and participants. Gender diverse, transgender and non-binary participants are welcome to play within our leagues along with any sexuality and persons from any background. Urban Rec has zero tolerance for bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment. 

Note that the above details are generic Basketball rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.

Note that the above details are generic Basketball rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.