How You Can Be Involved
Jan 15

How You Can Be Involved

January 15, 2024 - 3 months ago


Access to mental health resources remains a significant hurdle for many young Australians. The stigma surrounding mental health issues can deter people from seeking help, perpetuating a cycle of suffering in silence. This year, we’re ‘changing the game’.

Urban Rec is calling our community to come together in 2024 to support our cause. Here are some ways to help us, “Change The Game”. 


Each session covers the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, how to start the conversation and how to support an individual going through a mental health challenge. The next session has free tickets available now. 

Donate $50 to get a kid or an adult into ORGANISED sport

Sport is a recreational privilege, we know that. You can donate $50 which will go directly to kids or adults that do not have the money to pay for the access. Urban Rec have started the year by adding 20 vouchers for anyone who needs them. 

Attend one of our charity Tournaments

The next one is happening in Wollongong on Feb 11, The Superbowl Flag Gridiron Tournament. All the proceeds from these Charity Events are donated to OTLR. Plus, you get an amazing day out, in the sun, playing sport!

Get Involved in Mates In March (9k’s in 9 days)

This March we are partnering with OTLR for their initiative, Mates In March. We lose 9 people to suicide each month, this March, walk or run 9 kms for any 9 days during the month. Then, spread the word on social media. 


All the merch available within our shop goes directly to our Association, raising funds for partner charities or making sport accessible to other minorities. 

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