Disciplinary Policy


The Urban Rec Code of Conduct was written with our Fun First policy in mind. All players are expected to act in an acceptable way, and within the parameters of the Code of Conduct. Put simply – if you break the code of conduct, there will be consequences. 


Event Host Training includes additional tools for managing disciplinary issues onsite, and are outlined below. 

Team Management Individual Management

Drinks Break

When the Event Host notices one or both teams becoming overly intense beyond reasonable competitiveness, they will ask teams to take a drinks break to reset.

Acknowledge, Coach, Call

Event Hosts are trained to use three methods working up to calling fouls or penalties. They will acknowledge your mistake, coach you on the rule if needed and finally make a foul or penalty decision.

Team Fun Reminder

If the teams are increasingly antagonistic or unenjoyable the Event Host will call all players onto the court/field for a fun reminder.

Chill Pill

If individuals appear to be playing with unnecessary intensity (instead of competitiveness), the host will warn them using a chill pill card which can be used as a deterrent.

Call Time

If the Event Host feels the game has become out of their control or is causing safety issues, they will call full time on the game. This game time will not be replayed

Sin Bin

If the individual still displays signs of overly intense behaviour, they will be asked to go to the 'sin bin' for a nominated period or until the end of the game.


All teams will be monitored using the fun points rating system.

If a League Manager is notified of a low scoring fun point rating (2 or below), both Captains of the game will be contacted.

If a team consistently is scored low for fun points, they will be issued with a first and final warning via email.

If the team’s fun rating still does not improve, the team will be ejected from the competition at the League Managers discretion. Teams who have been removed from the competition due to low fun point ratings, will not be entitled to a refund.


If an individual is identified as at risk of breaching our code of conduct, then the League Manager may in writing or in person issue a first and final warning to this player.

In the event of a recorded incident, all players involved will be on a 1-3 week suspension depending on the severity of the incident.

Depending on the situation, all players will be put on probation.

Should another incident be reported by staff, or other members, about a person who is on probation; then that person’s membership will be cancelled. They will no longer be able to participate in Urban Rec events for 12 months. No refunds will be given for individual players in the disciplinary process. 


If a player has been verbally rude, inappropriate, or intimidating to our staff or other members

 This player would be put on probation, and depending on the severity of the  incident a min 1 week suspension.

If a player has become intentionally physical in any way (pushing & shoving)

 They will be immediately suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks and be put on  probation. 

If a player shows any kind of aggressive physical violence (punching & fighting)

 Their membership will be immediately canceled.  

If a player breaches the code of conduct while on probation

 Their membership will be immediately canceled.