Deposits Policy

At Urban Rec we have introduced the team deposit because we know how hard it is to get the team to cough up with the coin quickly. Our leagues can be popular and we want to help you secure your team space while you coordinate everyone else. 

Your team spot is guaranteed, however you will not be scheduled to play, until the full team fee has been received. 


The final amount is due 7 days before the competition starts. Your balance link is provided in the confirmation receipt when you pay the deposit. 

If your team has not paid the remainder of your fees at this time, we open the spot to another team. Your non-refundable deposit will become their discount. Don’t worry we will have spoken to you prior to this happening.

If for any reason you can't get the registration fees together before the registration deadline we might be able to help please contact your League Manager. 


If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, this deposit is forfeited.