Event Host vs Referee Policy

The Event Hosts are not required to be referees or umpires, but there is a certain level of control needed to manage the games. Event Hosts use the Acknowledge, Coach, Call method for managing games and making calls. 

The Event Host is responsible for the entire league which includes providing equipment, teaching the rules, running the game on time, keeping the flow of the game, managing conflict and doing so with a coaching attitude & our fun first policy in mind.  

In intermediate leagues, Event Hosts are generally more experienced in the role and will take on a more serious approach to managing the game. 

Event Host Qualities

Referee Qualities

In charge of the game

In charge of the game



Sport enthusiast


Allowed to make mistakes

Not allowed to make mistakes

Welcome self officiating

No self officiating

Coaching mentality

No coaching

Has the final say

Has the final say